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Automatic Side Sealing And Shrinking Machine

The Automatic side Seal shrink wrap machine is a great solution.  The Shrink Tunnel will assist with shrinking high volume, heat absorptive surfaces and irregular shaped packages. 
The machine has a longer single chamber which increases shrink capacity at higher speeds.Also, the fully controllable air temperature allows you to customize shrinking conditions to the application. 
Packing speed:15-35 bag/min
Packing size: W+H≤600 mm
                        H≤200 mm
Material: BOPP
  • BF serise
  • Wanhe

Automatic side seal shrink wrap machines offer a fast and efficient way to shrink wrap your products for distribution. These systems feature full programmable, easy to use interfaces that can store multiple packaging settings. With a variety of shrink film options and in-feed systems these shrink wrap machines are perfect for packaging solutions that package a variety of products. 



Model BF-450 BF-550 BF-650 BF-750 BF-950
Packing speed 15-35 bag/min

Packing size

Unlimited length

W+H≤400 mm

H≤200 mm

W+H≤500 mm

H≤200 mm

W+H≤600 mm

H≤200 mm

W+H≤700 mm

H≤200 mm

W+H≤9500 mm

H≤250 mm

Air pressure 5kg/m3
Supply power 220V 50/60HZ
Power 1.35Kw 1.5Kw 1.5Kw 2Kw 3Kw


  • Easy operating

  • Unlimited packing length

  • Height adjustable

  • Sealing cutter with teflon coating

  • Easily sealing

  • Omron digital temperature controller

  • Electronic speed regulator

  • Multi Language Operator Interface 

  • Counting system

  • Safety Devices: Emergency Stops, Seal Jaw Safety Switches,

    Protective Guards, and Safety Interlocks on All Access Panels 

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