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Chili Powder Packaging Machine

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What is Chili Powder Packaging Machine

The chili powder packaging machine is composed of a spiral metering machine and a vertical filling and packaging machine. The bagged chili powder packaging machine is especially suitable for the measurement and packaging of ultra-fine powder materials with relatively large dust. It integrates metering, bag making, packaging, sealing, printing and counting. It effectively solves the problem of automatic dust packaging. The bagged chili powder packaging machine is suitable for packaging all kinds of chili powder, five-spice powder, black pepper powder, salt and pepper powder, corn flour, starch, cumin powder, pepper powder, putty powder, waterproof Coatings and other powder products, the automatic chili powder packaging machine is suitable for paper bags: such as pillow bags, stand-up bags, three-side sealing, four-side sealing, etc.

Features of Automatic Chili Powder Packaging Machine

The automatic chili powder packaging machine adopts advanced PLC+touch screen HMI control system, and adopts advanced technology such as high-end circuit structure and human-machine interface, which realizes the convenient and simple operation of mechatronics. The chili powder packaging machine can implement self-automatic detection, information feedback and other functions. If there is no packaging bag or the packaging bag is not opened during the production operation, the detection device cannot control the filling and sealing, and the running status is displayed in real time. Automatic shutdown saves money Packaging materials and raw materials ensure the environment and raw material pollution of the packaging site. The parts of the chili powder packaging machine that come into contact with materials or packaging bags are made of stainless steel or other materials that meet food hygiene requirements to ensure food hygiene and safety. health standard.

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