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Classification and working procedures of pillow packaging machines

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Pillow packaging machines (also known as horizontal packaging machines) are used for packaging pharmaceutical products, daily necessities, industrial parts, etc. The following introduces the packaging technology, basic structure, various application examples and various functions of the horizontal packaging machine.


According to the packaged product, the size of the packaging film is set in advance and sent out by the feeding roller to form a cylindrical bag in the bag making machine. Then, the two ends of the film are made into palm shapes, and heat and pressure are applied to the two ends of the film in the center sealing part to perform thermal bonding (heat sealing). Through the supply and conveying device set in the front section (supply section) of the bag making machine, the packaged materials are continuously inserted into the tube film at a certain interval. By pressing the conveyor belt up and down, the packaged products in the cylindrical film continue to move forward at a certain interval. The end seal (also called top seal) device heats the packaging material and the intermediate film of the packaging material. While pressure and heat sealing are performed, a cutting machine is used to cut and bundle the packaging process. Pillow packaging machine runs continuously.

Pillow packaging machines are usually called pillow packaging, because the shape of the bag to be packed is pillow type, such as egg yolk cakes, rice cakes, biscuits, instant noodles, etc. Pillow packaging machines are roughly divided into two types: horizontal pillow type and vertical vertical type. The packaging process is horizontal, so it is called pillow packaging machine. Mainly used for the packaging of solids and various materials. On the other hand, the top-down equipment in packaging engineering is called vertical packaging machine. Vertical packaging machines are used for packaging rice cakes, sweets, liquids, powder bags, etc. Various packaged goods and packaging forms can be seen in the market. Many goods are packed with pillow packaging machines. Pillow packing machine is the United States in the 20 century, 30 developed era, Japan has produced in 46 years. These machines have been put into various markets and have been widely used.

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