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Classifications of Powder Packing Machines

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Classifications of Powder Packing Machines

  Based on Powder Packing Machine Design

Inline Powder Packing Machines

  Powder packing machines in inline designs pack products in straight and orderly lines. This means that the starting and final processing points of the operation are located at the line’s opposite ends. Typically, inline machine designs only have single infeed and output lanes.

  The major drawback of these designs is that the machines will require a reasonable floor space before they can operate. Nevertheless, some packagers still prefer inline powder packaging machines because it is easier to inspect each packaging station in these designs. In short, inline machine designs enhance visibility.

powder packing machine

Rotary Powder Packing Machines

  These machines have circular designs which means that the operation is performed in a circular motion, giving the operator an ergonomic format. Therefore, the rotary powder packaging machine does not need to occupy a large space to operate. Also, the starting and ending stages of the operation in rotary machine designs are close to each other. 

  For higher production requirements, rotary powder packaging machines are widely used. They feature one to four in-feed lanes, but the one-lane machine design is the most popular one and is used by medium-sized enterprises.

  Aside from the lanes, rotary powder packing machines are also composed of permanent stations which are separately embedded in a circular manner. Each station performs a specific procedure in the packaging process. Normally, these machines will have 8 stations but this number can vary from one machine to another.

powder packing machine

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