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Daily cleaning of automatic granule packaging machine

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Packaging machines are widely used in various industries, but while using the machine, we should also pay attention to the daily maintenance of the machine to make it last longer. The following are the daily cleaning suggestions for automatic granule packaging machines for your reference.


If the machine is not cleaned properly in daily operation, it will cause the machine to easily jam, which will affect the daily operation of the machine. Improper cleaning will result in excessive material stuck on the discharge port, so it is recommended that the packaging machinery should be cleaned and maintained every day. So how should it be cleaned more appropriately?

1. After turning off the power, clean it with an appropriate amount of cleaning alcohol, wipe the hopper every day, and then wipe the excess material to maintain the fluidity of the material and avoid the material being stuck. If the material is relatively dry and does not produce oil stains, just wipe it with a clean damp cloth.

2. Tools generally needed: clean rag, air gun, alcohol, etc.; how to use: use the principle of material cleaning to effectively clean the material.

3. To ensure the normal operation of the automatic granule packaging machine , regular cleaning and daily maintenance must be carried out to ensure the normal operation and operation of the machine; the electrical part must be waterproof and moisture-proof.

4. Daily inspection of machine parts: maintain machine parts and check lines every month. If the line is exposed, please replace the wire in time to avoid leakage. Prevent the influence of line short circuit caused by too frequent switching of parameter data. It is recommended to inspect the whole machine once a month, inspect and repair each component, regularly check whether the screws are loose, and deal with the problem in time.

After each packing job, the hopper must be cleaned to ensure that the hopper is kept hygienic to avoid jamming.

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