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Does the edge sealing form of the powder packaging machine affect the machine?

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You can see a variety of bag styles in life, the conventional ones include back sealing, four-side sealing, and three-side sealing. Powder packaging machine is a bag packaging equipment for powder materials, such as milk tea powder, seasoning powder, enzyme powder, meal replacement powder, etc., small pouches, easy to use, some milk tea powder like to use back sealing, some milk tea powder like to use Three-side sealed bags, different bags are used to hold powder, will different edge sealing forms affect the powder packaging machine? It can be said that there is still a small difference.


Different sealing molds for powder packaging machines

The edge sealing form of the powder packaging machine is different, and the sealing mold is also different. The sealing mold of the back seal is a "|" type, which is used as a sealing mold for longitudinal edge sealing, and a transverse sealing mold is made together with the cutter. The longitudinal seal and the horizontal seal of the three-side seal are together, the sealing mold is an "L" shape, and the cutter is separate. Compared with the back seal, the direction of the cutter changes from front to back to left and right. The four-side seal is also a vertical seal and a horizontal seal. The sealing mold is a "U" shape, and the cutter is also separate, the same as the three-side seal.

Powder packaging machine baggers are different

The bag maker of the powder packaging machine is the key to bag making. The bag is formed first through the bag maker and then to the sealing mold. The bottom of the back-sealed bag maker is rounded. The three-side and four-side seal bags are flat. The material falls from the middle of the bag maker and enters the bag. The capacity of the back seal is larger than that of the three-side and four-side seal. A large, drum shape allows the bag maker to create a more aesthetically pleasing bag and maximize capacity. Wanhe can provide suitable packaging solutions according to the user's packaging needs, order powder packaging machines, welcome to consult Wenzhou Wanhe .

The powder packaging machine is widely used, so having a certain understanding of the form of edge sealing can avoid the confusion of users when choosing equipment. If you want to pack as much as possible with the same bag width, it is recommended to do back sealing. If you want to flatten it, you can consider doing three-side sealing or four-side sealing. If you know the form of the side sealing, you can quickly choose a powder packaging machine that meets your needs.

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