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Four key factors to consider when choosing coffee packaging

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For the packaging type of coffee, we have seen many types of bags in the market, including large bags, gusseted bags, strip bags, and stand-up bags, so how to choose the packaging method of coffee? This It must be decided according to the user's own needs . When packaging coffee, the following four factors need to be considered.

1. Types of coffee packaging bags

(1). Big bag of coffee

Big bag type coffee can be packed by big bag coffee powder packaging machine. The main work flow: the staff pours the material into the material box, and the powder is transported to the screw metering machine through the screw elevator for material measurement. After measuring the gram weight of each bag, the material is unloaded into the bag, then sealed, and shaped for output. .

(2). Gusseted coffee

The coffee in gusseted bags can be packed by the gusseted bag coffee packaging machine . The gusseted coffee packaging machine is similar to the big bag coffee powder packaging machine. They are all composed of three major components: the screw material elevator, the screw metering machine and the main machine of the packaging machine. constitute. The only difference is that the bag maker and the sealer of the gusseted coffee packaging machine are different. The previous bag maker was a cylinder type, and the bag maker of the gusseted coffee packaging machine was square, so it could achieve the shape of a four-sided soup. In addition, a gusset device was added to the left and right sides of the seal. The cooperation of these two devices can realize both the four-sided soup and the gusseted type.

(3). There are strips of bagged coffee

bagged coffee can be packaged with a coffee bar packaging machine . The multi-row powder packaging machine is specially used to pack bar-shaped powder type materials. The screw metering device is used to automatically measure the material. Each row corresponds to a screw metering device. , that is to say, there are 10 screw metering machines in 10 rows of powder packaging machines. In addition, the multi-column coffee powder packaging machine is also equipped with a vacuum cleaner. Under normal circumstances, when the multi-column machine packs powder, there will be dust during the cutting process. If the dust is not removed, the sealing will be unsealed and the sealing will be unsightly. This The function of the vacuum cleaner is to suck up the dust, ensure the sealing, and increase the beauty of the seal.

(4). Stand-up bagged coffee

Stand-up bagged coffee, also known as prefabricated bags, can be packaged with an automatic coffee packaging machine . The automatic coffee packaging machine is a bag-feeding powder packaging machine for packaging bagged coffee powder. This machine is specially used for packaging the market. The more common stand-up bag type and stand-up bag type of bagged coffee powder, its packaging process is divided into: feeding, measuring, unloading, sealing, output and other processes for packaging. The staff only needs to pour the coffee powder into the storage hopper, and then transport the powder to the screw metering machine through the electric screw of the screw elevator. Inside the bag, heat-sealing is performed, and the finished product is output.

2. The freshness of coffee

Consider whether your coffee will be sold to shops, cafes, businesses, domestic or foreign, or shipped to end users? If so, your coffee will need to stay fresh until the end. For this, some protection methods will be used. A common practice is to use nitrogen for gas flushing.

3. the convenience factor of coffee packaging

Convenience is a factor that must be considered when choosing a packaging method, especially in the modern fast-moving society. Consumers value their time, so convenience packaging has become all the buzz in the coffee market.

A. Zipper. This means that consumers can reuse the product after opening it. Re-opening the zipper can effectively prevent aging.

B. Clear labels. Visualize the date, origin, how it was eaten, and a great story about coffee in clear language.

C. Packaging size. Modern consumers are less brand loyal than ever, and they want to buy a smaller, trial-sized coffee pod because it's easier to carry.

4. the coffee packaging process

Are you filling your coffee bags manually or are you considering automation with a coffee packer? If you want to pack your coffee manually, it is recommended that you choose a bag style with a wide enough top opening, and then you can use a spoon or other filling device. If so, the stand-up pouch is not for you. In contrast, square seal or flat bottom bags usually have four corners at the top opening and more room for filling tools.

If you opt for manual packaging operations, the cost is lower, but it completely limits your throughput and accuracy. If you already use (or are thinking of buying) an automatic packaging machine for coffee, your business is likely.

Most modern coffee packaging machines are not limited by multiple bag styles and sizes. It is flexible and easy to adjust. Fill weight is no longer an annoyance for automatic packaging machines, which can operate with high precision. Your output will skyrocket. If you suddenly receive a large number of orders, there is no problem in scaling up production.

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