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How do Vertical Form Filling Seal Packing Machine work

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Granule Weighing Method

Granule packing machine has two weighing method:measuring cup and electrical weighing.

mesuring cup

Measuring cup under 5 kg

If you packing capacity is under 1 kg.we usually choose measring cup.According to measure 

the volume of the weight to be packed,we make measuring cup as a measuring tool.The accuracy

can be ±2%.SJⅢ-K serises granule packing machine with this way.

electrical weighing

Electrical wighing

Model 520 serise granule packing uses this model.Select the best combination immediately from 

diversified weight combinations through computer with perfect combination of high precision and 

high speed.

1.High precision data-type weighing sensor realizes precise weighing.

2.Liquid crystal screen operating system in multiple languages such as Chinese and English, etc.

3.IP65 grade water-proof and dust-proof design.  It’s clean and sanitary with all stainless steel parts. 

  Full sealed design prevents accumulation of material and facilitates cleaning.

4.It can fine the opening and closing speed of hopper door according to the features of items to be 

weighed, and prevent crushing and blocking of material.

                                                                  5.With powerful digital automatic counting function, it can record the index for each batch of product 

                                                                   such as total bag number;  pass rate and difference of single bag, etc.

Powder Weighing Method

Powder packing machine only has one measring method: screw measring.

powder screw

Screw measring

When we packing powder,since the powder is easy to cause dust during packaging, we usually adopt 

spiral metering, which can not only ensure the accuracy of packaging, but also prevent dust from filling 

the workshop.

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