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Industry news

  • 02-10 2022 +Read More
    What are the production processes of coffee packaging machines?

    With the continuous improvement and development of the current level of science and technology, packaging machinery has also developed rapidly . In our daily life , common powder products include coffee, sugar , tea , monosodium glutamate , salt , vegetable seeds, etc.

  • 02-07 2022 +Read More
    Precautions for purchasing powder packaging machine

    Wanhe is a professional powder packaging machine manufacturer. Over the years, we have met all kinds of customers. Some of them invested a lot of money to purchase equipment, and finally they were idle because they did not meet the production needs.

  • 01-27 2022 +Read More
    Daily maintenance and cleaning of powder packaging machine

    In order to meet the continuous demand of the market, the distribution of packaging machinery types is more rational and meticulous. Among them, the types and scope of use of powder packaging machines occupy a very important market share in the market. Therefore, how to use the powder packaging mach

  • 01-17 2022 +Read More
    Performance advantages of powder packaging machine

    Performance advantages of powder packaging machine:1. The packing speed and bag-making length can be adjusted steplessly within the rated range without changing parts. The bag-making length is digitally set by the packaging machine controller, and the stepper motor is used to drive the bag to make t

  • 01-06 2022 +Read More
    Correct use of powder packaging machine

    With the rapid development of the food industry, food packaging has also ushered in rapid development. The extensive use of powder packaging machines not only improves packaging efficiency, increases the level of packaging industrialization, and ensures packaging quality.

  • 12-26 2021 +Read More
    What are the principles and characteristics of the powder packaging machine?

    Powder packaging machine is suitable for automatic bag packaging machine products for powder products. General machines can automatically complete all tasks such as metering, filling, sealing and cutting. The volumetric method is mostly used for measurement, and some models are also equipped with a reliable photoelectric detection system.

  • 12-06 2021 +Read More
    Pillow packaging machine packaging range

    Pillow packaging machine​ is not only a high degree of automation, guaranteed production quality, simple and convenient operation, but also a packaging machine with a wide range of uses. Next, let's talk about pillow packaging machine can package what kind of product.

  • 11-30 2021 +Read More
    The working principle of pillow packaging machine

    Pillow packaging machine is a kind of packaging equipment, which belongs to the equipment accessories category. It is a new automatic continuous shrink packaging equipment that uses ordinary electric heating. Here is a brief introduction to its working principle.

  • 11-26 2021 +Read More
    Why use a vacuum packaging machine?

    The vacuum packaging machine may still be unfamiliar to many people , and even the awareness of vacuum preservation is relatively vague. There are a lot of people will ask: "With refrigerator, why do we need to use vacuum packaging machine vacuum machine What are the benefits??" Today to give you a brief introduction, why we use vacuum packaging machine.

  • 11-17 2021 +Read More
    Classification and working procedures of pillow packaging machines

    Pillow packaging machines (also known as horizontal packaging machines) are used for packaging pharmaceutical products, daily necessities, industrial parts, etc. The following introduces the packaging technology, basic structure, various application examples and various functions of the horizontal packaging machine.

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