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Introduction of washing powder automatic packaging machine

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The washing powder automatic packaging machine integrates the functions of automatic bag making, weighing, filling, sealing, printing, punching, punching and tearing, pins and counting, etc. The advanced and scientific design makes the equipment adjustment, operation and maintenance very convenient. 

The washing powder packaging machine mainly has the following characteristics:

1. The measurement accuracy is high, and the error is controlled at about 1G;

2. The packaging range is large, from 20G-5KG can be automatically packaged;

3. The design of the equipment is scientific and reasonable, the structure is compact and simple, the failure rate is low, and the computer touch screen display is easy to operate and maintain.

4. The material of the equipment is 304 steel, which is anti-corrosion and rust-proof and has good firmness;

5. The electrical components use international brands, the machine runs stably, has a long service life, the electrical cabinet has good sealing, moisture-proof and waterproof;

6. The dust removal device is designed so that the working process does not raise dust and does not affect the workshop environment.

Technical characteristics of automatic washing powder packaging machine:

1. The packaging machine adopts horizontal sealing and pulling film, no need for pulling film belt, no wearing parts, low cost of use, and fast packaging speed;

2. There is no need to pull the film belt, the roll film is not easy to deviate, the actual use is stable and reliable, the blanking space is large, and it is not easy to block the material;

3. The color touch screen clearly displays each work and fault status, and the adjustment and operation are simple and intuitive;

4. Using PLC controller, each product parameter can be stored, and the user's usage status can be monitored remotely;

5. With automatic alarm, such as the door is not seen, no roll film, no ribbon, etc.

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