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L Type Automatic Shrinking Wrapping Machine

Automatic L Sealers use a conveyor fed automatic operation. Soft feed conveyors carry products into the system and places them inside the folded shrink film. An adjustable sealing arm raises and lowers as products move through the system. Once sealed, the closed pouch is then moved into a shrink tunnel, shrinking and tightening the film.  
Film width:
External diameter:
  • HY 450
  • Wanhe

L-Sealer Shrink Wrapping Machines create poly bags of heat sensitive shrink film around your product. An attached Shrink Tunnel then applies heat to the bag, shrinking and tightening the film. L-Sealing Shrink Wrappers are available in both automatic and semi-automatic formats. L-Sealers are perfect low volume shrink packaging solution able to seal up to 35 packages a minute.



sealing machine

Model HY-450
Packing speed 0-15 m/min
Package size



Film width ≤480
Outer diameter ≤290
Calculation film width width+height+120mm
Film material POF PVC PP
Total power 1.5KW
Power supply 220KW 50/60HZ

shrink machine

Model HY-4525
Packing speed 0-15 m/min
Film material POF PVC PP
Total power 9.6KW
Power supply 380V Three phase 50/60HZ


  • Easy operating,adjust size by hand wheel

  • Automatic feeding

  • Using "Autonics" digital display temperature controller,adjustable temperature

  • Easy Shrink Film Changeovers 

  • Multi Language Operator Interface 

  • Safety Devices: Emergency Stops, Seal Jaw Safety Switches, Protective Guards, and Safety Interlocks on All Access Panels 

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