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Main features of milk powder packaging machine

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Milk powder packaging machine, as the name suggests, is a machine used to package milk powder. It mainly has the following characteristics:

1. The bag making system adopts stepper motor subdivision technology, and the bag making precision is high, and the error is less than 1 mm.

2. The controller displays Chinese characters.

3. Knife throwing type, fast packaging speed, and the position of the cutter can be adjusted freely during the operation of the machine.

4. Double-belt servo pull film is adopted, with less resistance, the packaging bag is beautifully formed, and the belt is not easy to wear.

5. The heat sealer has four-way heating control, and the temperature of each sealing channel on both sides can be adjusted independently to ensure the sealing quality, and is suitable for a variety of packaging materials.

6. Intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system.

7. The side-opening protective baffle with good visibility is safe to operate.

8. The metering screw is driven by a stepping motor to obtain weight accuracy.

9. The hopper lifting device is adopted, which is convenient for adjustment and cleaning, eliminating the need for re-adjustment after cleaning and improving work efficiency.

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