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Modified Atmosphere Packing Machine

packing speed:1700-2000 boxes/hour

全自动气调机1 What is Modified Atmosphere Packing?

Composite air conditioning fresh-keeping packaging is also known as gas displacement packaging, known as MAP packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packing) in the world. Compound gas switch installed principle is to use compound fresh gas (2-3 kinds of gas according to the characteristics of food mixing ratio), to the replacement of air in the box or bag, change box (bag) within the food of the external environment, to inhibit the growth of bacteria (microbial), reducing the speed of the metabolism of fresh fruits and vegetables, so as to extend the freshness and shelf life of food.

The air-conditioned fresh-keeping gas generally consists of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and a small amount of special gases. CO2 gas can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most spoilage bacteria and molds, and is the main bacteriostatic component in the protective gas. O2 can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most anaerobic spoilage bacteria, maintain the color of fresh meat, and maintain the aerobic respiration of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain freshness. N2 is an inert gas and has no effect on food. As a filling gas, it forms a compound fresh-keeping gas with CO2, O2 and special gases. Different food fruits and vegetables, the composition and proportion of fresh-keeping gas are also different.

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