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Pillow packaging machine packaging range

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Pillow packaging machine is not only a high degree of automation, guaranteed production quality, simple and convenient operation, but also a packaging machine with a wide range of uses. Next, let's talk about pillow packaging machine can package what kind of product.


1. Solid products: As an advanced packaging machine, the pillow packaging machine can pack any conventional and irregular solid products, such as instant noodles, ham, ice cream, soap, toys, hardware, cartons, etc.

2. Bulk products: As long as these scattered products are placed in boxes or fixed together in advance, the pillow packaging machine can efficiently package and produce, such as squid shreds, tea, crushed ice, electronic parts, pills, etc.

3. Granular products: These granular products also need to be placed in a box, so that the pillow packaging machine can carry out precise packaging, such as saccharin, cold granules, PVC granules, silica gel granules, metal granules, etc.

It can be seen that the packaging range of the pillow packaging machine is very wide, such as food, cold drinks, daily necessities, medicine, chemicals, hardware and other fields. In addition, the pillow packaging machine has the characteristics of excellent production performance, simple and reliable transmission, high work efficiency, fast speed, packaging, sealing, and cutting automation, which not only ensures the hygiene and safety of product packaging, but also brings good benefits to manufacturers. .

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