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Precautions for purchasing powder packaging machine

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Wanhe is a professional powder packaging machine manufacturer. Over the years, we have met all kinds of customers. Some of them invested a lot of money to purchase equipment, and finally they were idle because they did not meet the production needs. It is found that the product cannot be used normally and there is no after-sales service, so what should I pay attention to when purchasing a powder packaging machine?


1. Identify your actual production needs

Only when you know your production needs can you choose the right equipment. For example, if you only have a single or a few packaging specifications, and at the same time have high requirements for hygienic conditions, and have a high acceptance of the initial cost of the equipment, there is no doubt that you are recommended to buy it. The more expensive automatic powder packaging machine. If you have many product packaging specifications and do not have sufficient budget, and hope that one type of equipment can meet the quantitative packaging of various materials, it is recommended to use a more cost -effective semi-automatic powder packaging machine . Semi-automatic equipment and fully automatic equipment each have their own At the same time, it has its own shortcomings. If it is not necessary, it is not recommended that you start with expensive automatic equipment. After fully understanding the differences between the two, you should choose products that meet your needs.

2. Choose a powerful manufacturer

When choosing equipment, we need to focus on the strength of the manufacturer, which can be judged from the following aspects: the length of employment, whether it is a manufacturer, whether the after-sales service is perfect, etc. A long time shows that the technology and products are not too bad. Whether it is a manufacturer or not determines whether we can get the best price and reliable technical support, not to mention after-sales service, the equipment is what we need to use for a long time. If there is no perfect after-sales service, once the equipment fails, it may be damaged. Seriously affecting our normal production activities, the loss may be more than the price of a set of equipment.

3. Material testing can be carried out before purchase

In order to achieve the purpose of sales, many manufacturers will advocate how excellent their equipment is. No matter what materials and specifications customers propose, they promise that there will be no problems. However, once the equipment is put into production, there will be many problems. Before the powder packaging machine is installed, the manufacturer should provide its own production materials for the manufacturer to carry out the packaging test. If conditions permit, we strongly recommend that the customer go to the manufacturer to test the machine on site. Carry out on-site tests to see if the speed and accuracy of the equipment meet our requirements, and you can also learn the various operations of the equipment and understand the relevant conditions of maintenance .

When buying a powder packaging machine, you must pay attention to the above three points. Only in this way can you buy a powder packaging machine that suits you without wasting money.

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