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Precautions for the use of granule packaging machine

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Today's market is full of various shapes of goods, not only in different shapes, but also in exquisite packaging, which not only protects the goods inside, but also gives us great visual enjoyment, so that we can experience The fun of buying goods can be said that packaging has greatly promoted the rapid development of my country's commodity economy. Speaking of packaging, of course, packaging machinery is inseparable. In the continuous innovation of technology, the types of packaging machinery are constantly increasing. Among them, the appearance of the particle packaging machine is deeply favored by many industries.


The same is true for the use of the granule packaging machine. Only by caring about its life and creating a good working environment for it can we keep it free from the influence of the outside world, so that we can really concentrate on our work and serve us. Everyone knows that the granule packaging machine is also a kind of machinery, so it is also composed of various parts, so pay attention to its points when using it, so that it can work more lastingly.

1. Its center of gravity is on the upper side, so be careful when moving it to prevent falling, which will damage the particle packaging machine and affect its normal work.

2. When the grid voltage frequently fluctuates more than 10V, the accuracy of the weighing machine will be affected. If your grid frequently fluctuates in such a phenomenon, please install a 220V regulated power supply to ensure that the pellet packaging machine works well. Safety to prevent the occurrence of unexpected failures, resulting in unnecessary losses.

3. The granule packaging machine uses precision equipment. The 220V power supply used by it should be powered separately, and cannot be powered by the same network as the power equipment such as sealing machine, argon arc welding, motor, thyristor, etc. It is recommended to lead directly from the power distribution cabinet. Or connect to the lighting circuit, otherwise it may cause inaccurate weighing or abnormal work and other faults.

4. The granule packaging machine is a machine that uses metal parts. Therefore, it should not be installed in the open air to prevent rain forests. It should avoid a humid environment and create a dry working environment for it to ensure its normal operation.

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