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The use and principle of tea packaging machine

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First, the use and principle of tea packaging machine

1. It is suitable for automatic packaging of seeds, tea and other materials. This machine can realize the packaging of inner and outer bags at the same time. It can automatically complete the processes of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, slitting and counting.

2. With moisture-proof, anti-odor volatilization, preservation and other functions. It has a wide range of packaging, which replaces manual packaging, realizes packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, improves the production efficiency of all walks of life, and greatly reduces costs.

3. Arrange the packaging bags evenly on the sealing strip and place them under the bag pressing strip.

4. Close the first vacuum chamber and apply a little pressure. The entire packaging process from vacuum, sealing, printing, and air return is controlled by an electrical automatic program at one time.

5. While working in one vacuum chamber, another vacuum chamber can place items. After a vacuum chamber returns to zero, the upper vacuum chamber can be moved to another vacuum chamber, so that the left and right chambers work alternately.

6. During the working process, if any abnormal phenomenon is found, you can press the emergency stop button, return the gas in advance, and start working again.

7. When the work is suspended, put the lock switch in the "off" position. When it is stopped, cut off the power supply and do a good job in cleaning.

Second, the characteristics of tea packaging machine :

1. The machine adopts high-quality imported chips with longer life, precision and high speed.

2. The intelligent speed regulation does not need to adjust the automatic speed change, and the power is higher.

3. The computer intelligently clears the material to reduce time-consuming.

4. Overweight alarm to reduce waste.

5. Using stainless steel for feeding, the channel is hygienic, environmentally friendly, and does not damage the material.

6. Multiple shock absorption structures, the machine runs smoothly and has low noise.

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