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Uses of Powder Packing Machine in Different Industries

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Powder packing machine is a general term for packaging equipment for powder products. There are many kinds of powder products, which can involve many industries such as industry, food industry, agricultural and sideline products industry, involving milk powder, starch, pesticide, veterinary medicine, premix, additive, seasoning, feed, enzyme preparation and other products. It is suitable for automatic bag packing machine of powder products. Powder filling and packaging machines are mainly used in the food industry, cosmetics, detergent, pharmaceutical agricultural products and so on. It is in demand in many different sectors. Some examples of the food sector are coffee, carbonate, powdered sugar, flour, all kinds of powdered spices, milk powder. Powder coatings for the chemical industry, and non-liquid powder products. Examples include baby powder and detergent cosmetics. Powder packaging machines are usually divided into two groups. Semi automatic powder filling machines and fully automatic powder filling machines. Fully automatic powder filling machines are packed fully automatically without any human hands touching it. The carrier is co-ordinated by the auger screw and machine sensors. When the hopper is full, the hopper filler sensor starts and stops the filling process. When it reaches a certain level, the sensor on the hopper sends a signal to stop filling. This means that the coordinated work will run automatically. Human intervention is very low. In semi-automatic machines, the machine adjusts the weight by means of the auger screw, a worker holds the ready pack in front of the machine’s filling head and then the sealing of the bag will be done manual with heated wire sealing. The general machine can automatically complete the measurement, packing, sealing and cutting all the work. Multi-purpose volume measurement, some models are also equipped with reliable photoelectric detection system, the use of photoelectric marking packaging materials, can obtain a complete trademark pattern powder packaging machine is suitable for medicine, food, chemical, pesticide and other aspects of the small bag packaging. Suitable for producing powder medicine, sugar, coffee, fruit, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, seeds, desiccant and other powder products manufacturers. Powder packaging machine is divided into automatic powder back sealing packaging machine and three side sealing screw measuring packaging machine; Powder packing machine and particle packing machine is called the two main centers of the packing machine.

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