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What are the common packing bags?

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Pillow bags are the most widely-used and economical packaging format, comprised of two flat panels sealed together on the top and bottom with a vertical seal down the back. Think chip bags or small packets of coffee found in hotel rooms. 

Doypacks are stand-up pouches with an oval-shaped base. This premium bag type is becoming increasingly popular for specialty food products. 

Quad seal bags have a rectangular bottom and can stand unassisted. This bag type has two side gussets and two panels joined together with four vertical seals, providing a more structured bag and modular look. Quad seal bags are often found in the premium section of the coffee aisle. 

Gusseted bags are similar to pillow bags but have side gussets, offering more internal space. 

Three side seal bags are flat pouches sealed on three sides. 

Sachets are small, flat 4-side sealed packets. Think small single-serving packets of sugar and ketchup. 

Stick packs are very narrow pillow bags, used for things like single-serve drink mixes.  

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