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What are the principles and characteristics of the powder packaging machine?

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Powder packaging machine is suitable for automatic bag packaging machine products for powder products. General machines can automatically complete all tasks such as metering, filling, sealing and cutting. The volumetric method is mostly used for measurement, and some models are also equipped with a reliable photoelectric detection system. When packaging materials with photoelectric marks are used, a complete trademark pattern can be obtained. The powder packaging machine is suitable for small bag packaging of medicine, food, chemical industry, pesticide and so on. It is suitable for manufacturers of powdered medicines, sugar, coffee, fruit jelly, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, seeds, desiccants, etc. For powder and granular materials that are easy to flow or have extremely poor fluidity, it can automatically complete the work of measuring, bag clamping, filling, sealing, sewing, and conveying, with high accuracy, strong reliability and not easy to wear.


Principle and characteristics of powder packaging machine:

1. The feeding method of the powder packaging machine adopts the combination of coarse feeding (gate) and fine feeding (small gate), which ensures the feeding speed and feeding accuracy.

2. The powder packaging machine has a built-in dust collector, which can reduce dust in the working environment and is environmentally friendly and hygienic.

3. The powder packaging machine is equipped with a pressure balance device above the hopper to ensure the stability of the packaging accuracy.

4. Convenient operation, few wearing parts, small maintenance workload and long service life.

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