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What is coffee powder packing machine?

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  Coffee powder packaging machine is one of the more advanced models in the packaging machinery, it is a packaging machine set for coffee powder, simple and practical, can solve the problem of coffee powder in the packaging process, in the coffee powder packaging, the packaging quality and appearance can fully meet the requirements of enterprises, to meet the pursuit of consumers.

Coffee powder packing machine has the following characteristics:

  1. Stepless speed regulation: different packing speed can be selected according to different packing objects.

  2. Cutting without horizontal edges can save packaging materials (at this time, the R values of the upper and lower corners of the plate are not equal, if they are equal, there should be a waste horizontal edge).

  3. This machine is set for swinging head, fast speed, sealing using roller sealing, sealing firm and strong, heating method using heat pipe, compared with the heating wire heating effect is better, packaging quality is good, high efficiency.

  4. The device doesn’t have out-of-sync phenomenon.

  5. The method of adjusting and changing the shaper is simple and quick.

  6. The noise of the machines meets the standards set by the state.

Coffee powder packaging machine has the following advantages:

  1. Machine packaging goods, more beautiful than manual packaging goods, improve the external image of the enterprise's products, but also improve the image of the enterprise.

  2. High efficiency is another big advantage of machine packaging. Machine packaging is faster than manual packaging.

  3. The development of an enterprise needs logistics equipment. If an enterprise wants to develop more standardized, modern logistics equipment is not desirable. Logistics is a more important link that every enterprise has to face. Good packaging can reduce the loss of goods as much as possible and reduce the operation cost of logistics.

  4. In recent years, the increase of labor costs, increased the direct labor costs and management costs of enterprises, improve the rate of mechanical automation is the inevitable trend of modern enterprises, for enterprises to solve the shortage of manpower, high labor costs and management difficulty, contribute a force of automatic packaging machinery.

  5. As the main force of material packaging, mechanized packaging has the packaging cost advantages which other packaging can not be compared with, such as beautiful, energy saving, environmental protection advantages.

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