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What is milk powder packing machine

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  Milk powder packaging machine is a new type of powder packaging machine. It is a new machine for packaging and sealing milk powder, soy milk powder and other milk powder products.

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  Automatic milk powder packaging machine is a solution to your milk powder filling canning seaming production line requirements. Consisting of the industry-proven filling heads and a conveyor mounted on a sturdy frame, container indexing controls reliably move and position containers for filling.

It has these parts:

  1, Sterilization Channel: a machine before milk powder auger filler.

  2, Screw Conveyor Feeder : feeder milk powder into the hopper of auger filler.

  3, Milk Powder Auger Filler: Dosing and filling milk powder to metal tin can.

  4, Dust Removal Device: Collect the dusts that are floating to keep the GMP standards of the workshop.

  5, Weighing and Reject Device: Make sure that the error for each fill is within the set range.

  The screw can solve the dust problem in the packaging process.

  The high-speed automatic canning line includes: can unscrambler → can turning, blowing, sterilization machine → double-head high-precision weighing canning machine → vacuum sealing machine → chain conveyor belt → inkjet printer → can turning device → chain Plate conveyor belt → capper → packing platform

(Milk powder packaging process:Finishing cans → turning pot, blowing and washing, sterilizing machine → powder filling machine → chain plate conveyor belt → capping machine → code machine).

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  The milk powder packing machine is generally applicable to packaging containers such as cans, barrels, and bottles etc.

  The milk powder packing machine can also pack the powder of foodstuff and chemicals, such as flour, soybean powder, milk powder and medicine powder.

  The milk powder industry is booming around the world, driving the demand for automatic milk powder packaging machines.

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