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What is sugar packing machine?

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  White granulate sugar packing machine is a packaging equipment which can automatically complete the measurement, filling, sealing and other work. It is suitable for measuring those easy to flow particles or powder and granular materials with poor fluidity. Such as milk powder, flour, solid beverage, cocoa powder, chicken powder, white granulate sugar, food additives, beverages, pharmaceutical raw materials, dyes, fragrances, cement powder, pointing agent, expansion agent, ceramic caulking agent and other powder materials.


  1. White granulated sugar packing machine adopts Chinese and English display control system, only need to set the required parameters (such as bag length, etc.) in the setting unit that can be displayed.

  2. Screw filling, accurate measurement.

  3.The control system of the white granulated sugar packing machine automatically optimizes and matches each action to achieve the packing speed.

  4.Double power photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable to ensure the integrity of the packaging bag trademark.

  5.Intelligent temperature controller control. Automatically complete the measurement, bag-making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cutting and counting.


  The packing machine is put into the packaging bag of the package through the suction nozzle, take out the air, exit the suction nozzle, and then complete the sealing.


  Part of the air (oxygen) in the packaging container is excluded, which can effectively prevent food from spoilage.

  Use of good barrier (air tightness) packaging materials and strict sealing technology and requirements, can effectively prevent the packaging content of the material exchange, can avoid food weight loss, loss of taste, and can prevent secondary pollution.

  The gas inside the vacuum packaging container has been eliminated, which accelerates the conduction of heat, which can improve the efficiency of thermal sterilization, and also avoid the rupture of the packaging container due to the expansion of gas when heating and sterilization.

  In the food industry, packaging machine is very common. All kinds of condiments, such as salt and sugar packaging, need to test packaging machine, white sugar packaging machine and so on. We believe that the packaging machine packaging of food freshness long, greatly extend the shelf life of food.



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