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Working principle of automatic granule packaging machine

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There are many types of fully automatic packaging machines, each of which operates differently. Today, let's talk about the working principle of automatic granule packaging machine!


First, let's introduce its components. It consists of automatic feeding machine, multi-head combination scale, collar former, automatic sealing device, coding machine and touch screen. His operations are closely linked to these components.

Automatic Feeder: It is the equipment responsible for material conveying. It is different from the automatic powder packaging machine. The automatic granule packaging machine packs fine-grained materials such as salt and sugar, and there will be no dust, so a Z-shaped elevator is used. The material is transported to the multi-head combination scale through the Z-shaped elevator. Materials are transported by hoppers one by one. The hoist has an excellent leak-proof material design, and even in the case of vibration, there will be no material spillage during transportation.

Multi-head combination said: it is a material measuring equipment, and the material is weighed before entering the filling and packaging process. Each multi-head combination scale is carefully debugged by engineers to ensure accuracy. The multi-head combination weigher can accurately measure the weight of each package to be 99% consistent, avoiding the situation where there is a shortage.

Collar former: After accurate weight measurement by the multi-head combination scale, the material passes through the collar former. The collar former is the most critical equipment to determine the size of the packaging bag. Whether the position of the back seal of the packaging bag is firm or not, the collar former plays an important role.

Coding machine: During the operation of the collar former, the coding machine also operates together. The function of the coding machine is to print the production batch number, birth date and other text content on the packaging bag. In this era of food safety and hygiene so important. The production date is indispensable, which shows that the coding machine is also a particularly important part of the packaging process.

Sealing device: it first seals the bottom of the bag tightly, and then the material is filled in, then the film pulling device pulls the film, and the sealing device seals the top of the bag again. At this time, the packaged product is completed. The sealing device adopts high temperature heat sealing technology, which can ensure the sealing of the packaging bag, ensure that the finished product will not leak, and greatly reduce the cost of packaging film.

Summarize the working principle and process of the automatic granule packaging machine after the general meeting. It is the material conveying from the feeding machine, the weight measurement by the multi-head scale, the film forming by the collar former, the printing code by the coding machine, and the sealing device. Packaging is complete. The whole process is coordinated by different parts, and it only takes a few seconds to complete, and the packaging speed is quite fast!

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