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vacuum thermoforming Machine

The thermoforming machine HY-420 meets medium and high production requirements. With its modular design it can be optimized flexible to any customer’s request and to whole packaging lines. 
Packing speed:30-40 bag/min
Packing size:  L:5-400mm
  • HY-420
  • Wanhe

The thermoforming machineHY-460 meets the highest demands for industrial sized production while it is designed for large production environments and is suited for high-speed operation.With its film width, repeat length/index and optimized lifting movement.

The innovative lifting system including compact hygienic cylinders and a double knee lever ensure a high closing pressure of the format die for precise movements and formidable packaging designs. To reduce compressed air consumption, a combination with individual stroke adjustment and lifting are simple but efficient. Also, vacuum valves are placed directly at the die. This means even shorter ways to create vacuum and that adds up to a quicker production. 





Production speed  

30-40 bags/min

Bag packing type  

Four edge-sealing

Package product size  




Film width calculation formula

According to the mold

Bag length calculation formula

According to the mold

Width of packing film


Outer diameter of packaging film


Packaging film material  

PE PE composite PET

Air pressure


Machine operating height  


Total power



380V 50/60HZ Three phase



Size (L x W x H)  


1. The machine works smoothly and continuously, and is suitable for bagging and sealing all kinds of masks, medical supplies, sanitary supplies and other products.

2. Automatic bagging, photoelectric correction, no burr, mold forming.

3. the equipment can be configured according to different types of feeder.

4. Adopt Mitsubishi PLC imported from Japan to improve accuracy and high stability of equipment.

5. Intermittent sealing is better to ensure the beauty of sealing and avoid leakage.

6. The machine is easy to operate, PLC touch screen, can according to the packaging material, product thickness and length of the packaging temperature and speed adjustment.

Servo motor.

Through the control of light, electricity and gas, the fault can be self-diagnosed and the display is clear. The language of the operating system can be used in Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and other local languages.

7. The whole machine is covered with stainless steel, good appearance, easy to clean and durable.

Low operation and maintenance cost.

8. Intelligent PLC temperature control.

9. the required number of automatic alarm reminder, the required number of automatic ingredients and stacking.

  • MAP

  • oxygen O2

  • Skin or form shrink packaging

  • Top film forming for Snap-in Lids

  • Gas mixer and/or analysis device

  • Pre-heating systems

  • Knee-free loading zone

  • Various forming procedures

  • Various cutting systems

  • Various pack coding and printing systems, like:- print mark control
    – labelling equipment, bottom and top
    – stamp coding
    – hot embossing
    – thermo transfer printer
    – inkjet
    – laser systems

  • Opening aids, like peel corners, bend and peel, etc.
    Detection systems

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