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what is flour powder packing machine?

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  Flour automatic packing machine, from bag loading to carry on, no manual operation, the PLC control system, its whole packaging process is controlled by computer, by artificial set good program, subsequent packaging process is carried out in accordance with the program, it can implement automatic whole bag, packing bag manipulator automatic bag, sack, weighing, ruffled, bag-sewing process.

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  The automatic flour packing machine is composed of automatic bag loading manipulator, quantitative packaging machine, automatic folding machine, automatic sewing machine and finished product conveyor. The whole packing process does not need any manual operation, which greatly saves the enterprise in manpower, material and financial investment, reduces the production cost and improves the production efficiency. It can also be widely used in the packaging of particles, powders and mixed materials in various industries.

  Flour automatic packing machine is fully automatic, clean, environmental protection, easy maintenance, high efficiency of packaging equipment, it looks beautiful, flexible installation, simple operation, low operational cost, can meet the production requirements of different customers, are widely used in building materials, mineral and chemical fields of all loose material such as rapid, high efficiency of packing.

  The automatic flour packing machine can realize the automatic operation from the empty bag to the packing bag filled with material to the sewing station. It also has the function of automatically eliminating the unqualified packaging bag, the detection device of bag clamping error and bag opening, to ensure that the material does not fall. Through the programmable controller, the working process of the unit is automatically controlled, and the fault or the bag is not in time during the operation process is controlled by sound and light alarm and interlocking. The unit has the advantages of simple operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

  Flour automatic packing machine equipment can automatically adjust the size of the packaging bag, packaging speed, etc., and can automatically carry out the detection of each station. All abnormal conditions in the production process of the equipment will automatically alarm, and in the touch screen to display the alarm reason, so as to reduce the maintenance personnel's work difficulty, it replaces the manual packaging way of work, greatly improve the work efficiency, widely used for each packaging enterprises, successfully applied in each big enterprise.

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