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We manufacture easy-to-use pouch packing machines, economical VFFS baggers, high-speed continuous motion vertical baggers,
and multilane stick packaging machines.
We provide automated packaging equipment,From cheese and coffee, to raw poultry and fresh vegetables, to pharmaceuticals and
dietary supplements, plus much more, Wanhe has the packaging solution.

Our Story

Automated packaging machinery is a good investment. We believe you deserve a partner that will do whatever it takes to make your
packaging ideas a reality and provide the best possible ROI. No matter what you’re trying to bag, we will find a way to make it happen.We love a challenge. Bring it on.

Our Clients


We have certifications to ensure the highest standards of friendliness to 
the environment in each and every stage of the production chain.
We Can Provide 
Packaging Machinery

Successful Cases

  • Daily maintenance and cleaning of powder packaging machine


    In order to meet the continuous demand of the market, the distribution of packaging machinery types is more rational and meticulous. Among them, the types and scope of use of powder packaging machines occupy a very important market share in the market. Therefore, how to use the powder packaging mach Read More

  • Performance advantages of powder packaging machine


    Performance advantages of powder packaging machine:1. The packing speed and bag-making length can be adjusted steplessly within the rated range without changing parts. The bag-making length is digitally set by the packaging machine controller, and the stepper motor is used to drive the bag to make t Read More

  • Correct use of powder packaging machine


    With the rapid development of the food industry, food packaging has also ushered in rapid development. The extensive use of powder packaging machines not only improves packaging efficiency, increases the level of packaging industrialization, and ensures packaging quality. Read More

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